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Many congratulations to....
Jonathan Elson...9th Kyu


Seminars / Workshops/Training.
Training...Am in Harlow every month, normally the third monday...

2018 training
Saturday 17th February Walsall
Monday 19th February Harlow
Tuesday 20th February Northampton
Thursday 22nd Febraury Bramcote
Sunday 25th Febraury Glasgow
Monday 26th February - 5th March Inverness
19th March Harlow
20th March Braintree

25th April-1st May 2018  Washington
May 20th-June 6th Japan
30th June-Annual birthday Bash with Cavin Pietszch, Harlow norman 07900 605000

When I'm not available All Sunday classes will be taken by Adam Davison/Darryl Tweedale, Thursday classes by Guy Wicks.